Thursday, August 11, 2011

Giving to God

Lying to God sounds so incomprehensible.
How can you lie to someone who is omniscient?
The Bible gives examples of people who were caught up in lying to God.
Ananias and Sapphira are probably the most famous liars in the Bible.
Peter made it clear, ”You have not lied to men but to God.” Acts 5:4
They lied to people and God took it personally and dealt with it
firmly. They both died because of their lying.
Hiding from God sounds as impossible.
If God is everywhere present where could you hide from him?
Nevertheless, Adam and Eve managed to hide from him.
Their existence was not unknown to God but their connection was broken
by the power of their will. God’s question, ”Where are you?” expressed
his concern of the broken relationship.
Adam was there , but he was not connected.
Genesis 3:8-9
Negotiating with God sounds similarly like an oxymoron.
You cannot make a deal with God.
Abraham debated with God concerning the fate of Sodom.
I believe it was a real conversation , not just a play with words.
God listens emphatically , not just mechanically from his almighty position.
He listens to man much more than what Satan would ever want him to.
Could we give God something that isn’t His already?
In the end of Matthew 25 the Lord comments on the actions of the righteous
and the unrighteous. They both are surprised to hear that they did something
to God, something that they thought was done only to people.
They gave God something to eat , something to drink etc.
God has chosen not to violate the free volition of man.
When man surrenders his will to God, he gives God something that he
doesn’t have. Everything in man’s relationship with God relates to this.
What a strange thing for us to hold back something that God is so interested in.

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