Saturday, August 20, 2011

like a window

For some people it’s never been more than just
an empty hole next to the ceiling.
For others it’s the most important means to manage life
as it opens and closes from situation to another.
You can cover up your soul when you don’t want
the disturbing light, when privacy and insecurity take over.
You can also pull it wide open for everyone to see.

Some people’s windows have been broken into zillions
of pieces. There they are, travelling around the globe, trying
to pick up at least some of their soul crums in order to see again,
so many pieces, broken lives, shameful memories.

Jesus said to be The Door.
You come in and go out.
But He is also a window ,
a view beyond time to eternity,
where no one ever opens or closes again,

That’s where every piece will be
restored to it’s right place.

Every painting is like a window.
It invites you to see, to open and to close.
Sometimes you are seen from there.
You are the glass placed between time and eternity.

Maybe it is a picture of your soul.
Maybe it is just an empty hole waiting to be filled.

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