Friday, August 10, 2007


Majority just cannot be right.
Look at the tower of Babylon!
How about the crusifixion of Christ,
when the voice of the multitudes prevailed over the hardly
audible whispers of the disciples.
In Acts 19 the crowd ended up claiming Paul's death without
even knowing who he was. They had never heard of him.
They blindly trusted the opinion of the majority.
They had learned that it is something you always can hide in.
Public opinion is one of the most common excuses for people to reject Christ.
Christ is the only Savior of the Turkish people,
even though only less than 1% of the population agrees with that.
Multitudes have been wrong so many times.
Even though one of the founding principles in Democracy is
everybody's right for an opinion, it's very clear that the truth
doesn't win in all votings.
I wonder how many revivals have been stopped by people's opinions?
How many blessings have been rejected because of the ignorance of
the multitudes?
Christ, the Truth, came and was left absolutely alone on the cross.
The crowd could stop their ears and close their eyes, but they could
not stop him from conquering the death. They could not stop him
loving them.

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