Monday, August 13, 2007

no debate

Psalm 18:44 talks about people who fall in love with God
at first sight. “As soon as they hear of me, they obey me.”
Quick obedience saves us all from a lot of confusion and
emotional strain.
Sometimes the debates that we think we are having with the Lord
are actually just our own subjective reasoning, or at it’s best
just a dialogue with our flesh.
God doesn’t debate with people.
How could the perfect Truth debate with liars?
But, God does listen to man.
He doesn’t just speak to man, but he speaks with man.
Abraham’s conversation with God about the fate of
Sodom in Genesis 18 is a good example of God’s attitude
towards man. God speaks with man and he listens to him.
The Spirit prompted Philip to quick obedience in Acts 8:26-40
The future of a whole nation depended on this “little”
incident. The Ethiopian eunuch was not alone. Only heaven will
reveal how many received Christ because of his testimony.
His chariots are a great
picture of time that rolls on. It will not wait for us to get out
of our debates.

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